MOEA Minister Visits Unimicron to Witness PCB Industry 4.0

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Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) chief Jong-Chin Shen led a dozen senior Chinese officials on a visit to PCB manufacturer Unimicron Corp. on June 12 to witness the results of the implementation of intelligent manufacturing in PCB production. The tour was coordinated with the Taiwan Printed Circuit Association (TPCA). Among the officials on the tour were: Chih-Ching Yang, deputy director general of Industrial Development Bureau (IDB); Cheng-Chin Lu, director of the Information Technology Industries Division of IDB; and Ren-Dar Yang, executive vice president of the Institute of Information Industry (III).

In the meeting, Unimicron shared its experiences in intelligent manufacturing as well as their application of automation technologies in PCB production. It also made detailed explanations and on-the-spot display of automation in its production line to demonstrate that production status and production parameters can be accurately controlled, and further enhance the tracking and management of products, through intelligent manufacturing.

During the meeting, MOEA Minister Jong-Chin Shen affirmed Unimicron as the pioneer for PCB Industry 4.0. He also expects that the 5G network in the near future will help further enhance the competitiveness of the country’s PCB industry.



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