PCBCart.com Updates Website with Expanded New Customer Offers

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Recently, PCBCart.com has completed a new round of website updates for the optimization of website function, achievement and improvement of user experience. It can be expected that the newly-updated PCBCart will better serve customers by giving more ease as they go through PCB articles, quoting and submitting orders. Moreover, to celebrate their website update, PCBCart is providing a “now-or-never” discount to new customers:

  • 20% (up to $300) off your first prototype and/or standard PCBs fabrication order
  • Up to $500 (assembly cost) discount for your first full turnkey PCB assembly

Updating for Higher Efficiency and Better Service

“The essential aim of website updating is undoubtedly to provide better service to customers,” says Ron, web developing engineer for PCBCart. “Better service can be seen in different aspects. First, the loading rate of PCBCart.com dramatically rises. It means customers can enter PCBCart’s homepage in a higher speed. Second, the server capacity has been substantially expanded so that to accommodate more customers on PCBCart simultaneously. Both higher loading rate and capacity expansion refers to higher efficiency as far as customers are concerned.”

The updated online PCBCart provides five different quote entries to meet customers’ different demands of PCB products, including standard PCBs, prototype PCBs, advanced PCBs, assembly and stencils. A unique set of parameters is used in each entry to be compatible with specific quote and order requirement.

14 Years’ Constant Change for Customers

 “The previous website for PCBCart has been used for long time,” says Shen, the chief manager of PCBCart. “Although the old website has won us more than 10,000 customers from around the globe and a 99%+ customer satisfaction rate, efforts and innovation can never be stopped. We believe we’ll give our customers more surprises as the new website is applied.”

When asked about website updating process, Shen  says, “Each change is actually a challenge because we’re not certain about the results brought by the change. During the 14 years’ development of PCBCart, our staff has usually felt both excited and nervous when changes are made in manufacturing techniques, procedure optimization, equipment updating, etc. However, we’re sure about one thing, the only purpose of any change is to provide better service to customers.”

Website updating discount is available to share equivalently high quality with lower cost. Deadline for these special rates are by the end of September.

About PCBCart

As a key supplier of PCB products, PCBCart provides one-stop PCB solutions to customers around the globe, including PCB fabrication, assembly and components sourcing. Since its establishment, high quality has been the core of PCBCart’s business. Up to now, PCBCart has been certificated by ISO9001, IATF16949, UL and ROHS and its manufacturing standard conforms to that depicted in the latest version of IPC.



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