MMAB Group Upgrades Plating Process

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MMAB Group’s factory in Malmö is undergoing a major upgrade of several process steps. Summer was devoted in upgrading the company’s copper plating which is a critical step in the manufacture of printed circuit boards. The plating process coats holes and patterns with electrolytic copper and this requires a number of chemical baths and plating cells that are powered by high currents.

Production Manager Mats Hansson has worked with Roger Westin as project manager and Mikael Karlsson from Sweco, worked on replacing all rectifiers and control programs for production line. The rectifiers can deliver up to 800 Amps per piece.

Together with the new control program, the process can be controlled more precisely. The upgrade was a significant investment that will secure the production for many years to come.


The picture on the left shows bars with 3x6 rectifiers ready for installation.



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