Gardien Launches G90 Series Flying Probe

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Gardien has announced the G90 series of flying probes, fully designed and assembled in Germany. These fixtureless testers were developed in response to a client requirement of testing large sized boards. The large machine thus developed utilized the modular design concept, which gave Gardien the opportunity to conceive an entire new series.

The G90 series has 4 variants – G90, G90L, G90XL and G90XXL – and between them, are capable of testing board sizes ranging from 812mm x 812mm (31.9” x 31.9”) up to 1600mm x 1200mm (63 x 39.4”). These flying probes offer high accuracy rates across the entire test area with the glass scale system. The motor driven movable, lower frame allows for easy loading of boards of big sizes, making if ergonomically comfortable for the user. The well thought out design still offers a standard working height for regular sized boards. Lowering the bottom frame creates space for big boards, without the need increase the dimensions of the machine drastically. It is still compact enough to fit through a standard sized doorframe. Precise measurements of low resistance can be achieved with an option to upgrade to 4-wire Kelvin testing.

Gardien Europe Managing Director, Holger Kern, who was personally involved in the development of these series, expressed a sense of fulfilment with his team’s efforts and added, “We are sure the G90 series, with its notable features, will be widely used by the industry. By rolling the G90 out to our own test facilities we gathering real production feedback from different user groups and incorporated much into the new design of the machine and the operating software ”

Talking about Gardien’s reputation, Roland Valentini, Group COO, said,” A reason for our clients’ dependability upon us is our commitment to continually add new products to our portfolio, expanding our offerings. Our industry knowledge, customer centric approach and unbiased methods drive the outcomes they want to achieve. ”

About The Gardien Group

The Gardien Group ( has been offering independent and unbiased QA solutions since 1981 to clients supplying various industries like medical, computer, automotive, telecommunications and aerospace. We are recognized for our emphasis on technical excellence, comprehensive client support and high standards. We have professional, skilled and committed teams led by forward-thinking leaders who set high performance standards. With 18 service centers across Asia, Europe and North America, we bring our expertise to you wherever you might need it.



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