Calumet Electronics Celebrates 50 Years of American Ingenuity and Workforce Commitment

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Calumet Electronics is celebrating 50 years of manufacturing and community economic vitality at its Calumet facility in the heart of the Copper Country in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

For more than a century, copper mining was the lifeblood of the Copper Country. However, by the middle of the 20th century, mining jobs were in a steady decline. Refusing to watch a dedicated and determined workforce fall into economic despair, a few innovative local business leaders established a new electronics company to provide family-sustaining jobs — Calumet Electronics was born.

Calumet produces some of the world’s very best printed circuit boards (PCBs) for applications demanding zero failures, zero downtime, and requiring lifetime performance. The customers that utilize Calumet for PCBs, design and manufacture critical systems for communications, industrial controls, aerospace, medical devices, power systems, and the military.

“The company has made ongoing investments in infrastructure, technology and most importantly, in the people who manufacture and stand behind our products. From day one, the company has maintained an uncompromising focus on quality,” said Steve Vairo, president and chief excutive officer of Calumet Electronics. “Today with over 300 employees, Calumet Electronics is one of the premier, high-performance, high-volume circuit board manufacturers in the United States.”

The company is one of fewer than 150 remaining PCB manufacturers in North America, and one of the few U.S. companies that specialize in PCB fabrication and engineering solutions made entirely in the United States.

Over the years, as other companies shifted production overseas, Calumet has remained 100 percent committed to American manufacturing and jobs with the absolute best quality products to its customers. And while their services and operations have expanded, Calumet’s underlying principles have remained constant and continue to set them apart from the rest of the industry.

Safe. Secure. Sustainable.

Calumet Electronics offers safe, secure, and sustainable solutions for our customers, providing a secure harbor for their intellectual property, and provides sustainable domestically sourced engineering and manufacturing capabilities, capacities, and lead-times to ensure our customers achieve their business objectives and retain their competitive advantages.

"Calumet Electronics has amazing teams excited to be solving industry problems, “said Todd Brassard, Vice President and Chief Operations Officer. "The people of this company have a deep pride in their workmanship and a strong drive to deliver genuine service and support. We are confident that with the combination of our continually advancing technological expertise and incredible workforce, we will continue to expand on our strong leadership position in the American electronics industry." 

About Calumet Electronics

Founded in 1968, Calumet Electronics specializes in delivering “zero field failure” printed circuit board solutions in North America, strengthening the domestic industrial, power, aerospace, defense, medical, and commercial industries. Calumet is 100% American owned and performs 100% of its engineering and manufacturing in the United States, with zero offshoring. Calumet offers offer robust solutions with quick-turn capabilities, high capacity production, and advanced engineering and manufacturing capabilities. Calumet is growing through onboarding highly talented early-career engineers, continual investment in advancing manufacturing equipment, and building deep partnerships with customers and suppliers. Calumet Electronics is the safe, secure, and sustainable choice for the North American supply chain.



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