iNEMI Call for Participation Webinars on October 8 and 9

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The emergence of advanced electronics packaging and adoption of heterogeneous integration and system-in-package (SiP) is leading to the use of larger packages. The larger form factors pose unique challenges in semiconductor assembly (chip-to-package), as well as PCB assembly (package-to-board).

iNEMI has a new project, Back End Commonality for Advanced Packaging: Large Form Factor, that will focus on defining large form factor product-handling media (carriers, trays, etc.) for back end processes that can accurately and cost-effectively manage larger package sizes while also allowing for production flexibility and higher density.

iNEMI's new project plans to:

  • Address gaps for the assembly of large form factor packages while providing flexibility
  • Develop media handling guidelines for large-sized advanced packages (>50mm x 50mm) 
  • Demonstrate the cost-effectiveness of leveraging commonality
  • Provide input to the appropriate standards bodies regarding materials handling for large form factor packages 

In line with this, iNEMI will be holding a call-for-participation webinar scheduled for October 8 (Americas and EMEA) and 9 (APAC). The webinars are open to the industry (iNEMI membership not required).

For additional information, contact Urmi Ray at



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