Compeq Sales Hit High Reportedly Due to PCB Shipments to Apple, Huawei

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Compeq Manufacturing has posted record high sales for September, reportedly propelled by increased shipments of PCB products for Apple's iPhone 11 lineup and Huawei's Mate 30 series. September revenues reached NT$5.93 billion ($192.4 million), up by 6.3% on month and by 12.9% on year. Revenues for the third quarter totaled NT$16.294 billion, up 34.84% sequentially and 10.58% on year.

Compeq said its order visibility will become clearer after November. Industry sources said Compeq's sales will remain at least stable in the fourth quarter as it has received follow-up orders for the iPhone 11 devices. Initial sales of the iPhone 11 lineup and Mate 30 family products have been stronger than expected.



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