SMTA Additive Conference Keynote: Miniaturization Driving PCB Tech Advances

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Rich Brooks, senior engineering manager at Jabil Circuit Inc. will present the keynote address at the SMTA Additive Electronics Conference in San Jose, California. The keynote is titled "Miniaturization: Driving the Advances in PCB Technology and Assembly."

Miniaturization is one of the main trends today that is driving the electronics industry to push the limits of capabilities and driving the implementation of new technologies. Some of the products that are driving miniaturization include wearables, health sensing, 3D printing, IIoT, AI, and AR/VR. At Jabil, the goal is to understand the various technology trends and to implement new solutions for customers that will also drive the market. For miniaturization, Jabil does not only focus on the manufacturing assembly process but also the advances in PCB technology and IC packaging. This presentation will review these various technology processes and how they impact the industry as well as how it will affect the way contract manufacturers do business.

Rich Brooks has degrees in both chemistry and chemical engineering. He has been in the electronics industry for 30 years. His first role was with the Advanced Manufacturing Technology group at Motorola, where he spent 14 years. After Motorola, Rich joined the Indium Corporation of America as the global technical manager. Recently, Rich held a senior engineering manager position at GE Oil and Gas Design Engineering, and for the past three years, he has been with the Jabil Design Organization. At Jabil, he manages a team of subject-matter experts (SMEs) with various areas of technical knowledge. Rich's area of expertise is in PCB and soldering materials technology.

Find the techniques that are right for your products at the SMTA Additive Electronics Conference on October 24, 2019.



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