Chinese Review: The 2018 NTI-100 Top Global PCB Fabricators

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NTI released the list of the world’s top PCB manufacturers in 2018, and this information is of great interest to the industry to determine what is going on in the industry and analyze the global situation. In the early days of this project, the list concentrated on the top 100 companies, so it continues to be called NTI-100 for short. Now, it is compiled into Chinese. I will examine the currency exchange rate, company rankings, global distribution of the top-ranked companies, global total PCB output, and the automotive sector.

Currency Exchange Rate
PCBs are produced all over the world, and the currencies are different from country to country. Therefore, the output value is calculated in U.S. dollars so as to unify and normalize the data. For reference, the exchange rate between the U.S. dollar and other currencies is shown in Table 1.

YonglinGong-table1.jpgTop Company Rankings
In 2018, the overall PCB market was not as prosperous as in 2017, but it still remained in good status. The ranking of the world’s top PCB manufacturers in 2018 didn’t change a lot when compared with 2017. The obvious change is the decline of Japanese companies. Nippon Mektron, which once ranked No. 1, dropped to No. 2 in 2017; in 2018, it fell further to No. 3. ZD Tech (Taiwan) and TTM (USA) now lead the list, respectively. In 2017, five companies among the top 10 were Japanese companies, while in 2018, only four Japanese companies still remained, and their rankings had fallen as well. Meanwhile, PCB companies in Mainland China show the largest growth, holding three seats of the top 20. One Chinese company, Mflex, has broken into the top 10.

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