Perfect Point Announces Release of New FPC & Adhesive Based Material Endmill

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Perfect Point and Jinzhou have recently released the newly designed “SR111RE” single flute endmill.  The “SR111RE” is an enhanced single flute endmill specifically engineered for processing of FPC, rigid-flex builds and adhesive layers with an excellent finish.


Perfect Point has identified and solved an industry challenge in cutting/milling soft materials, particularly with builds containing adhesive layers. Traditional endmills in the market generate a significant amount of heat during the routing process with these soft materials, resulting in a poor edge finish on the panel profile. The modified helix and other geometry improvements on the SR111RE prove to be extremely effective at heat mitigation by more effectively evacuating debris, resulting is a nice profile finish.

In addition to these design attributes, the “SR111RE” is available with Perfect Point’s “CARBONITE” proprietary coating allowing for improved wear resistance and even better debris evacuation for more complex builds.

We are delighted to introduce our new SR111RE tools to North America. This revolutionary design will allow PCB manufacturers to realize significantly yields and produce higher quality product,” says Edson Bosetti, product manager.



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