Meet Industry Experts at the 2019 International Electronics Circuit Exhibition (Shenzhen)!

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The International Technical Conference, to be held concurrently with the 2019 International Electronics Circuit Exhibition (Shenzhen) (formerly International Printed Circuit & APEX South China Fair), gives you valuable insights on the latest market trends to prepare you to face challenges and transform your business to a new level. Join us for the Conference at the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center, China, 4-6 December 2019.

Stay on top with the industry leaders and experts

The 2019 Conference will feature international specialists and industry experts to address the hottest topics covering both market trend and technical updates of the industry. Here are some hot sessions that you can't miss!

  • Keynote Speeches from Mr Canice Chung and Mr. You Lei, Chairmen HKPCA
  • The Challenge and Opportunity of 5G High Frequency to PCB and PCBA, Mr. Liu Zhe Chief Engineer, ZTE Corporation
  • Which Way is the PCB Industry Heading? Dr. Hayao Nakahara, President, N.T. Information Ltd.
  • PCB Market Update, Dr. Shiuh-Kao Chiang, Managing Partner, Prismark
  • IC Substrate Technology Characteristics Study, Mr. Lin Ting Hao, Sr. Project Director, Kinsus Interconnect Technology Corp.
  • Challenges and Opportunity to PCB Material and Processing Technology from Automotive Electronics, Mr. James Tam, Project Manager, Robert Bosch Co., Ltd.

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