Matrix USA Inc. Begins Installations of AE Automation Equipment in North America

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After several months of equipment introduction and technical training, Matrix USA is well positioned to support the sales and service of AE (Advanced Engineering, Austria) robotic panel handling equipment.

Matrix has recently installed the global leading AE Mylar Peeler and this fall will be introducing the Servant 650R Panel Loader/Unloader, plus installation of the AE CDTA Direct Image automation system compatible with the latest Orbotech Nuvogo DI Imager.

Actual in-plant factory demonstrations in the Toronto, area will begin in 2020. AE’s modern and simplified design approach to PCB panel automation is highlighted by its use of the same basic components on all their devices (loaders, unloaders, mylar peelers, and DI/AOI automation units).  The systems approach also focuses on small unit footprints, very low unit power consumption, and its collaborative and safe robot technology.

There are currently over 800 AE systems installed world-wide.  Most notably, there are several automation installations in Europe compatible with Orbotech and other DI/AOI system manufacturers.

Fred Long, Matrix equipment business development, comments generally on PCB automation in North America, “After the industry recessions in the 2000 era, the PCB fabrication business in NA decided to essentially maintain manual operations using traditional equipment.  The choice to introduce premium automated equipment solutions at that time was considered a high-risk commitment. With the recent technology leaps to premium high-speed/low-loss laminates and the demand for sub 4 mil features, companies now have little choice but to consider the “hands off” panel automation approach to reach their manufacturing quality, productivity, and yield goals." 

Long continued, “Recent trips to both Europe and Asia were enlightening after seeing the extent to which PCB fabricators in those regions have advanced and are now using modern automation extensively.  It was also clear that some of the key OEMs, like Apple and Intel, are looking to these regions to produce their products.  Currently, panel automation in NA simply does not exist in many of the required processes.” 

Matrix will be the NA source for AE sales, installation, training, warranty service, after warranty service, and spare parts. 

Visit Matrix USA at IPC APEX 2020, February 4-6.



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