Atotech to Present at the HKPCA 2019 International Electronics Circuit Exhibition

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Atotech, a leading surface-finishing solutions provider, delivering chemistry, equipment, and service to support diverse end-markets such as mobile devices, computers, consumer electronics, the global automotive industries, and many others, will present at the 2019 International Electronics Circuit Exhibition in Shenzhen, China, on December 4th – 6th.

On Thursday, December 5, Atotech expert Kuldip Johal will give a presentation entitled: “Moving to mmWave—how does this impact the PCB/IC substrate,” from 2:00 – 2:40 p.m. at the International Technical Conference area in hall 4.

Visitors of the HKPCA 2019 are welcome to join Atotech’s expert talk on 5G trends, challenges and solutions and to stop by the company’s booth 2D21. Mr. Johal and several other global and local Atotech experts will be available to discuss the latest product innovations and trends.

Atotech’s key highlights at the booth include:

  • vPlate®—Vertical continuous copper plating technology of choice for advanced HDI and IC substrate.
  • Polygon® PLB Line®—Atotech’s new desmear and electroless copper system.
  • ViaKing®—Atotech's new enhanced graphite direct metallization for flex and advanced base materials.
  • Noviganth® AF—High build self-accelerating electroless copper process.
  • InPro® THF2—Atotech’s (a)mSAP BMV filling process for best uniformity with high ductility.
  • InPro® MVF2—Advanced BMV filling in VCP equipment for HDI production.
  • BondFilm® HF1000—Bonding enhancement process for high frequency manufacturing.
  • CupraEtch® SR8000—Dryfilm and soldermask pretreatment with advanced adhesion performance.
  • PallaBond®—Direct pure EPAG for ultra fine L/S application.
  • Stanna-COF—Immersion tin for chip on film.
  • Spherolyte® Cu UF3—Cu RDL process for fine line plating and microvia filling.

For more information about Atotech or its product offering, please visit or contact us at:

About Atotech:

Atotech is a global leader in surface-finishing solutions. Through a comprehensive systems-and-solutions approach, the company delivers chemistry, equipment, and service to support diverse industries such as consumer electronics, especially mobile devices and computers; global automotive; communication infrastructure; and many other industrial end-markets. Atotech’s relentless R&D efforts and global TechCenter presence allows it to deliver pioneering and sustainable products combined with unparalleled on-site customer support—making Atotech a critical partner to over 8,000 customers worldwide. Atotech is a team of 3,800 experts in over 40 countries generating annual revenues of $1.2 billion (2018). Atotech has manufacturing operations across Europe, the Americas, and Asia and its headquarters is in Berlin, Germany.



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