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Attending an EIPC Conference in the middle of winter is becoming a tradition. It joins many other traditions, nay even ancient customs, such as Beating the Bounds, which is still observed in some English and Welsh parishes.

Under the name of the Gangdays, the custom of going a-ganging was kept before the Norman Conquest. A group of old and young members of the community would walk the boundaries of the parish, to ensure that no farming was encroaching upon the common land upon which livestock could be grazed. They were usually led by the parish priest and church officials, to share the knowledge of where they lay.

It's the words “gang” and “old and young” which resonated, along with the sharing of knowledge. For “parish priest,” you might think of Alun Morgan, EIPC chairman, and for “officials” you could really only think of Kirsten Smit-Westenberg, who is the only official. True, EIPC has directors, but they are invariably busy tending their own flocks. 

So it would be really good if you could cut along to Rotterdam and join members of the PCB community and walk the boundaries of knowledge for a couple of days!

During the EIPC Winter Conference 2020, participants will learn how to meet and adapt to the changing needs of Europe and the global electronics market. Industry experts will explain the changes in the world-wide PCB supply chain for technology, materials and surface coating of printed circuit boards.

Bonus Programme
Visit to the Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam and Networking Dinner, The Castle, Sparta Stadium
First come, first served!

February 13-14, 2020

Van der Valk Hotel Rotterdam-Blijdorp
Energieweg 2
3041 JC Rotterdam 


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