Elmatica Further Expands Technology Department with New Hire

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Printed Circuit Broker Elmatica announces a further expansion of their Technology Department with the hiring of Joseph Milsom in the position of IT Developer. Elmatica has a dedicated focus on developing the best IT solutions for securing their customers articles and data.

“To support an increased demand and desire to develop high tech IT solutions with a focus on Cyber Security, we needed to further expand our Technology Department. We are very pleased to have Joseph Milsom on board as IT Developer,” says IT Manager Robert Kurti. 

Joseph demonstrated expertise in a technically complex role while working on high-end advertising and marketing campaigns at the highly awarded digital agency Resn in New Zealand.  

“His experience fits perfectly with our development of the company’s IT strategy,” says Kurti.

Digitalization of the supply chain and maintaining cyber security is an important project for Printed Circuit Broker Elmatica, it raises the bar for having the best IT developers on the team.

“We offer our customers better security, transparency and predictability when handling their data. As we see an increased focus on compliance and cyber security, in particular for the defense industry. With the expansion of our team, we would be able to better serve our customers and bring value to them. In the universe of data security, there is only one rule: Better safe than sorry. ” says Kurti

Milsom is very pleased with his new colleagues and for digging into the world of printed circuits.

“Relocating from New Zealand to Norway is, despite some similarities between the two countries, quite a change. Same goes for working with printed circuits. It's not like anything I have worked with previously, however the tasks are challenging and the colleagues are great. I am looking forward to all the fantastic work we will accomplish together,” says Milsom. 



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