Uyemura Appoints Technology Director

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Uyemura Vice President and CTO Don Gudeczauskas announces the appointment of Patrick Valentine as Director of Technology, effective immediately.  

Dr. Valentine has held technical and executive roles in the PCB and chip industries since 1980. He earned a doctoral degree in Quality Systems Management and is certified as a Reliability Engineer by the American Society for Quality. He holds Six Sigma Master Black Belt certification, and has published widely on the science of reliability testing and process control.

Dr. Valentine joined Uyemura in 2015, to lead the company’s continuous improvement program based in industry best practices for planning, implementation, review and documentation. His doctoral dissertation, A Study of Critical Success Factors for ISO 9001 and Lean Six Sigma in the North American Printed Circuit Board Industry, evaluated success factors for implementing and sustaining ISO 9001 and Lean Six Sigma in the printed circuit board industry.



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