SAAB Avionics Has Approved Elmatica's Jan Pedersen as Part 21 Subpart G Auditor for PCB Subcontractors

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Elmatica's Jan Pedersen successfully completed the Part 21 Subpart G training, regarding auditing of printed circuit board suppliers for SAAB Avionics Systems earlier this year, allowing Elmatica to conduct audits of SAAB Avionics sub-suppliers.

“We are honored to be given the responsibility from SAAB Avionics to audit their PCB subcontractors subject to EASA, the Part 21 Subpart G audit, says Elmatica's Senior Technical Advisor Jan Pedersen.

Pedersen completed with success the EASA Part 21 Subpart G  - Production Organisation Approval (POA) Essentials training last year, at Baines Simmons Aviation Safety Academy in the UK. The first audit will be conducted together with a member of the Quality Management of SAAB Avionics, as a mentor.

“We have been cooperating with SAAB Avionics for many years, the new responsibility represents a broadening of our relations. Elmatica has been auditing manufacturers since the 80's and we have developed a unique methodology for how to audit, a methodology which will be even more precise and efficient after this training," says Pedersen.


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