IPC APEX EXPO Reflections

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The sun may have risen and set on the 2020 edition of IPC APEX EXPO, but the developments from the week in San Diego certainly will linger with us for some time.

On the technical program side of the house, the feedback was that the technical papers were well received. Likewise, the new Sessions @ The Intersection series was executed well. The Emerging Engineer and STEM Student Outreach Programs added new dimensions to the event, reminding us all that there is a wave of budding expertise coming up behind the aging vanguard of the industry.

On the show floor, exhibitors reported high interest from attendees even if the numbers seemed a little down from last year. One exhibitor reported that, while they saw fewer people overall, they were taking home more leads than last year.

With so much news and information, no one person could have taken it all in. That’s where we help. At I-Connect007, our coverage of IPC APEX EXPO and the conference proceedings will continue over the next few weeks. Watch for news, articles, and interviews (both video and printed) in our ongoing coverage. Check out our Real Time With...IPC interviews with the industry's top technologists, managers and executives.

And, of course, watch for our special Real Time With… IPC APEX EXPO 2020: Show & Tell Magazine coming out later this month, where we’ll bring even more news and reporting on the show. You won’t want to miss it!



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