LPKF Presents Equipment at Embedded World 2020

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The development of new products requires iterations in the shortest possible time. LPKF Laser & Electronics' systems offer all the possibilities for PCB prototyping and micro-material processing to achieve the desired results quickly and easily. The company will be demonstrating how this is possible at embedded world in Nuremberg from February 25−27 in Hall 3, Stand 249.

LPKF equipment can be used to produce both simple and complex printed circuit boards and multilayers. Users of the tabletop prototyping systems can produce and test PCBs in just one day - without the need for chemical etching which can pose a health or environmental risk.

When using in-house equipment for development environments, designs remain confidential. Corrections can be implemented quickly and conveniently in the company’s own laboratory. This option shortens the duration of processes in research and developmentand thus accelerates the market launch.

LPKF's PCB prototyping systems work directly with the CAD data. The software is intuitive to use. This means that PCBs can be structured, drilled, through-hole plated and separated without extensive training. Multilayer production is also possible. And finally, LPKF systems can also be used to assemble printed circuit boards: from prototypes to small batches. All SMT production processes and methods are also available for inhouse PCB prototypingadapted to the requirements of the electronics laboratory



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