Atotech to present at the iMAPS Device Packaging Conference in Fountain Hills, Arizona USA

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Atotech, a leading global provider of electroplating and surface-finishing chemicals and equipment for PCB, semiconductor advanced packaging and dual damascene applications, is pleased to announce its participation in the iMAPS Device Packaging Conference held at the WekoPa Resort in Fountain Hills, Arizona, on March 3−5, 2020.

Atotech expert Dr. Britta Schafsteller will present at the Advanced Packaging & Emerging Materials for Automotive, 5G & Next Gen Applications track in room 102-103 on Thursday, March 5, from 10:45−11:15 a.m. Her presentation is entitled, “Autocatalytic tin—how to overcome process limitations to introduce a new solution for thick tin plating.” In her presentation, Dr. Schafsteller will show exemplary tin deposits, which were plated with an autocatalytic electrolyte comparing their layer properties to those of other conventional final finishes like immersion tin or electroless nickel/immersion gold (ENIG).



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