IPC APEX EXPO 2020 Attendees Speak: Nili Walp

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Nili Walp the North American market manager for Vision Engineering

Nolan Johnson: What have been your impressions of IPC APEX EXPO 2020?

Nili Walp: There weren’t as many people on the floor, but we exceeded the number of leads. I don’t know why. Also, weather-wise, the temperatures have been cold in San Diego. Overall, it didn’t feel as busy, but yet we’ve done well.

Johnson: But you’re going home with more than before, so at least the leads are quality. What did you hear customers talking about?

Walp: We’re looking for customers with inspection issues, where they want to improve their current process, and a lot of them want something that’s more comfortable. This one guy said, “I see my people on the floor, and their necks and backs hurt.” Our systems offer that eyepiece that’s an ergonomic solution; it’s about different methods of inspection.

Johnson: If you had one thing to suggest to make the show better, what would that be?

Walp: The last day is always hard. People leave early, and I don’t know how you keep them here. Maybe extend talks throughout the last day and have it end at 5:00 p.m. instead of 2:00 p.m. to keep people here.



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