IPC Partners With ANSYS for the High Reliability Forum

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PCBs form the backbone of every electronic product. How do we ensure their electrical, thermal and mechanical reliability? Find out at the IPC High Reliability Forum in Cooperation With ANSYS!

May 12–14 | Baltimore, MD

The High Reliability Forum provides a great opportunity to learn about the latest advancements in electronics, participate in industry discussions, and network with this respected community of professionals focused on electronics with high reliability requirements. This event includes keynote, technical presentations, professional development courses, tabletop exhibits and panel discussions.

The full agenda is available now.

Here are just a few of the topics we’ll cover:

  • Implementing End-to-End Electronics Reliability Workflow
  • Role and Selection Criteria of Surface Finish for Next Generation PCB Technologies
  • HDI
  • Materials for 5G
  • Surface Reliability

We’re also bringing back the popular Microvia Summit with updates from speakers on issues such as:

  • A Framework for Failure Analysis
  • Performance Based Microvia Reliability Testing — What You Need to Know
  • Reliability of Microvia
  • How to Detect Weak Microvias and Avoid Costly Assembly Defects and Customer Field Failures

If you manufacture, design or test Class 3 electronics for applications with unique safety, reliability and lifetime requirements, you should not miss the High Reliability Forum.



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