SCHMID Signs a Cooperation and Distribution Agreement with HAKUTO Co.

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SCHMID, a key global technology and equipment supplier to the electronics market, has signed a cooperation and distribution agreement with HAKUTO Co., Ltd. focusing on the Japanese market space.

Headquartered in Shinjuku, Tokyo, and with offices throughout Japan, HAKUTO’s electronic & electric equipment division supplies PCB and Substrate solutions with their own equipment such as Auto Cutting Laminator, Automatic Exposure System and Projection Stepper System. The SCHMID technology portfolio will supplement HAKUTO’s for wet & vacuum applications.

“We searched meticulously to find the right partner to introduce and support our product portfolio to the cutting-edge Japanese PCB and Substrate industry. HAKUTO complements SCHMID well” stated Laurent Nicolet, SCHMID’s Vice President Business Unit Electronics “We’re excited that HAKUTO will support us with their market knowledge and excellent customer relations.”

SCHMID is re-entering the market with a completely new portfolio of high end solutions for touch-free processing. The next generation production tools increase the technology capabilities for wet systems, creating a new approach for green production solution, introducing vacuum-based inline systems for plasma etching and Cu-sputtering as well as novel plating technology for MSAP and SAP applications.

Christian Schmid, SCHMID’s President, added, “We have a deep understanding of the Japanese market and it took a long time to rebuild a presence there. With HAKUTO we have found a perfect partner with the unique combination of comprehensive technology knowledge, synergistic customers’ relations and adaptable local support structure.



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