Flexible Circuit Technologies Continues Operations as an “Essential Supplier” of Electronics Products and Services

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Carey Burkett, vice president of business development, has announced that Flexible Circuit Technologies (FCT) is fully operational as an “Essential Supplier” given the critical nature of the electronic products and services they supply to medical customers who are helping in the global fight against COVID-19.  

Flexible Circuit Technologies is a premier supplier of flexible circuits, rigid-flex, flexible heaters, membrane switches and specialized EMS/Assembly service to complete product box builds. The demand for the electronic assemblies they produce for medical customers has risen and it is critical that they do all they can to meet those needs in support of those who are on the front lines in the fight against this deadly virus.  

FCT’s USA headquarters remains operational as they help to coordinate all activities for customers and with our production facilities. While the past couple of months have offered challenges, FCT is happy to report that their multiple production facilities in Asia are up and running and will be at 100% capacity by next week.  

When making the announcement Mr. Burkett said, “During these challenging times it is important that we keep doing business as usual to make sure all of our customers, especially our medical customers, have everything they need to help fight this terrible virus.”

Burkett continued, “We have seen a significant increase in orders from our medical customers who are responding quickly in support of dealing with the COVID-19 virus. This includes supporting customers with the electronic assemblies that we produce for ventilators, monitoring equipment, and more.  We are doing everything we can in support of our customers in an effort to meet their critical needs.”

As Americans and citizens of the World, we are committed to doing our part to help in the fight.

About Flexible Circuit Technologies

Flexible Circuit Technologies (FCT) is a premier global provider of flexible circuits, rigid flex, flexible heaters, membrane switches and specialized EMS/Assembly services to complete product box builds. FCT is headquartered in MN, USA and provides customers with superior flex/rigid flex design consultation and support leading to cost-effective designs and the production of high-quality products at competitive pricing. FCT has multiple production facilities in Asia, led by our Shenzhen, China group allowing us to meet broad product needs while able to meet small to high-volume program requirements in serving Medical, Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Telecom/Data, Industrial and more. For more information visit: www.flexiblecircuit.com


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