FH Bielefeld University Purchases Nano Dimension’s DragonFly LDM for Additive Manufacturing of Electronics

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Nano Dimension Ltd., a leading Additively Manufactured Electronics (AME) provider, today announced it has sold a DragonFly Lights-Out Digital Manufacturing (LDM) system to FH Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences in Bielefeld, Germany. The purchase was facilitated by Phytec New Dimensions GmbH, Mainz, Nano Dimension’s reseller in Germany. The Department of Engineering and Mathematics will be a first-of-its kind academic R&D facility in Germany that equips its lab with a DragonFly LDM for rapid prototyping, testing and verification of circuits.

The printer was purchased as part of the CiMT research project. Bielefeld Institute for Applied Materials Research (BIfAM) works in partnership with manufactures and for student experimentation for the development of new applications such as circuits with complex geometries, capacitors, sensors and coils, to enable new applications with integrated circuits.

“Our goal is to rapidly advance the availability of new materials and processes so we can expand our innovation and inspire teaching and research methods for students and staff,” said Prof. Dr. Sonja Schöning, Professor at the Department of Engineering and Mathematics at the FH Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences. “With the DragonFly LDM we will be able to expand our collaborative research with industry to develop new combinations of materials for development of high-performance coils, sensors and other winning products.”

“Germany is home to a vibrant technology and academic ecosystem, with leading companies that are fostering innovation and searching for new ways to dramatically improve performance, power efficiency, size and cost of electronic devices,” said Yoav Stern, CEO and President of Nano Dimension. “With our new DragonFly LDM, researchers will be able to integrate electronics into existing structural components and improve electronic components in terms of space, weight and performance.”

Founded in 1971, FH Bielefeld is one of the first Universities of Applied Sciences in Germany. The Faculty of Engineering and Mathematics has over 3,000 students and 17 bachelor and master programs.

The DragonFly LDM printing technology is the industry’s only comprehensive additive manufacturing platform for round-the-clock 3D printing of electronic circuitry. The groundbreaking system, introduced by Nano Dimension in July 2019, is designed for Industry 4.0 and manufacturing for the Internet of Things. The DragonFly LDM is the extension of the successful DragonFly Pro precision system for printing electronic components, including multilayer printed circuit boards (PCBs), capacitors, coils, sensors, antennas and more.



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