Schweizer Electronic AG: Production Starts at the New Location in China

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After a construction period of one and a half years, production started at the new high-tech printed circuit board plant in Jiangsu, China, a few days ago. SCHWEIZER has invested around EUR 100 million in the new facility to date. Once the final expansion stage has been completed, the plant will have a capacity of over 7,000 square metres per day, which is roughly five times that of the German plant.

ISO 9001 certification has already been successfully concluded. "Customers who have been able to visit the plant so far were really impressed by the integrated production concept", reports Alfred Pang, Managing Director in China and long-standing member of staff at SCHWEIZER

The unique German-Chinese set-up now enables SCHWEIZER to provide technology products at competitive prices in the highest quality. Linking the largest European PCB production factory, in Schramberg, Germany, and the new plant in China will ensure the highest level of delivery security for the supply chain stability of customers in Europe.

With its Chinese location, SCHWEIZER is opening up access to new markets and customer groups and is able to provide a complete range of PCB technologies, ranging from simple multilayer circuit boards to future-oriented chip embedding technology from both production plants. Today, we are a recognised technology partner for the European automotive industry. China will now enable us to present our expertise to a much broader customer base. In addition to its own sales teams in Europe and China, SCHWEIZER has also set up distribution partnerships in North America and Japan, with Korea to follow very soon.

The Jintan plant, located in Jiangsu province about 200 km east of Shanghai, is equipped with the latest plant technologies and is unique in its high level of machine integration and automation. The entire production process fulfils the stringent requirements for a chip embedding company with regard to cleanliness and electrostatic shielding. An experienced team of staff from China, Germany, Singapore and Taiwan, some of whom have been employed by SCHWEIZER for many years, guarantees our company maxim: One company – One Team – One Quality.


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