I-Connect007 Editor’s Choice: Five Must-Reads for the Week

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In industry news this week, recovery is on everyone’s mind. And that influenced my picks this week for the five stories you should not miss. In this week’s selections, you’ll find industry roadmaps and market reports, a new manufacturing facility, and an IPC Task Group focused on the future. While there’s bad to go with the good in the news this week, it seems we’re done hunkering down.

This week’s five items were sourced from all of I-Connect007’s various news sources and publications, including Design007, PCB007, SMT007, The Daily Newsletter, and our weekly newsletters for SMT007, Design007, and MilAero007. Next week, Andy Shaughnessy will be making his selections.


Walt Custer’s EIPC Business Outlook Webinar: ‘You Can’t Sugarcoat This Stuff!’ 

by Pete Starkey
Published June 11, 2020

In lieu of a traditional EIPC summer conference kicked off with a market briefing by Walt Custer, the 2020 event was instead held virtually. Pete Starkey, I-Connect007 technical editor, attended and captured the essence of the presentation to share with I-Connect007 readers. Custer’s information is always insightful, and this time is no exception. This was an easy choice for this week’s list.

The iNEMI 2019 Roadmap: Optoelectronics 

by Pete Starkey
Published June 9, 2020

iNEMI is currently engaged in a series of industry briefings on its 2019 Roadmap, outlining the upcoming goals and needs in the electronics manufacturing space. I-Connect007 technical editor Pete Starkey attended the briefing (held as a webinar) and reported on the session here. 

For industry strategists, Pete’s report is recommended reading.

Benchmark Unveils New Advanced Manufacturing Facility in Phoenix 

Published June 8, 2020

How does an electronics manufacturing company open a brand-new facility during COVID-19 restrictions and social distancing? Benchmark did just that by hosting a virtual grand opening celebration for its new Phoenix, Arizona, facility.

Elmatica CEO to Serve as Vice-Chair for New IPC Cybersecurity Task Group 

Published June 10, 2020

Didrik Bech is not only CEO at Elmatica but also an I-Connect007 columnist. Now, Bech has been appointed vice-chair for the new IPC Cybersecurity Task Group. Bech brings many years of technical experience and involvement in IPC standards work to his new role on the Task Group.

Standard of Excellence: A Great Partnership Is a Two-Way Street 

by Anaya Vardya
Published June 8, 2020

In this “Standard of Excellence” column, Anaya Vardya asked, “Are you a good and true partner to your PCB vendors?” This question seemed to strike a chord with readers in the first 24 hours. Given the interest in the subject, this column had to make this week’s list.



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Nano Dimension Appoints LM Instruments to Market PCB/Hi-PEDs 3D-Printers

07/09/2020 | Globe Newswire
Nano Dimension Ltd., a leading Additively Manufactured Electronics (AME)/PE (Printed Electronics) provider, has signed an agreement with LM Instruments, which will represent Nano Dimension in the Mid-Atlantic States by marketing its 3D-Fabrication Machines for High-Performance Electronic Devices (Hi-PEDs).

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