Advanced Copper Foil Inc. Granted Trademark Registration for EUROPADS

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Matrix USA Inc. is pleased to announce the official Trademark registration for their Lamination Assist products - EUROPADS®. Designed as Printed Circuit Board Lamination Press Pads, they are manufactured to offer both heat lagging insulating characteristics as well as pressure equalization benefits.  EUROPADS proprietary elements of design is a consistent performing option for PCB Lamination optimization.

Under the EURO Lamination Assist product offering, EUROPADS is the flagship component of the Lamination Assist family of products enabling users to have an alternative product selection to enhance and improve their manufacturing yields whether its for Flexible PCB Circuit Lamination or conventional Multilayer PCB Circuit Lamination.

“In todays tumultuous market conditions EUROPADS are in stock and can be easily dropped into any PCB manufacturing process,” according to Kieran Healy President of Matrix USA. “All of the Lamination Assist product offering is backed by a team of Sales and Technical Support Associates extending well beyond forty years of hands-on working experience in the NA PCB marketplace,” Mr. Healy goes on to note.

“EUROPADS is the flagship drop in lamination assist product because of its ease of versatility when introduced to all of the different process parameters, materials used and handling conditions,” according to Peter Decaneas, Product Manager for Lamination Assist at Matrix. “I explain to our customers that given all of the different challenges sourcing Lamination Assist products starting with EUROPADS are a great foundation to a successful cost-effective transition from current practice.”


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