SCHMID Group Will Relocate its Main Chinese Plant

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The SCHMID Chinese main factory will move out of the free trade zone in Zhuhai to a newly constructed factory in Zhongshan, about 40 kilometers away. The move will take place over a period of 2 to 3 months to avoid any disruption to production. The new site will be 100% operational by November 2020.

SCHMID made this strategic move to increase its commitment to China with a dedicated fab in China for China. This step was done as the Zhuhai free trade zone established a stronger focus on commercial developments and, at the same time, SCHMID increased the amount of local business in China while decreasing its exports.

This new location underlines the strong commitment from SCHMID to the Chinese market. The building located outside the free trade zone will be able to serve the local market easier, faster and more directly with local businesses.

The new factory in Zhongshan will be named SCHMID Technologies Guangdong Co. Ltd., and will focus on the production of wet-process equipment, as well as automation and furnaces for the electronic and photovoltaic Industry. The factory will continue its high-quality level based on German standards. It covers a footprint of approximately 10.000 sqm for administration and production for high-volume equipment combined with an improved spare part logistic concept.



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