Würth Elektronik PCB Online Increases Speed-to-the-market for Customers Worldwide

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Würth Elektronik Circuit Board Technology is currently one of Europe’s top PCB manufacturers in terms of production volume. Continuous optimization of service and price/performance ratio also contribute to this – not least in the e-commerce sector.

“This is possible because we do everything we can to meet the needs and wishes of our customers to the maximum and take their feedback very seriously,” explains Andreas Hirsch, Head of E-Commerce at Würth Elektronik Circuit Board Technology. “This has shown that delivery times play an increasingly important role alongside service and product quality, especially in the online segment. That is why we have put an increased focus on further optimizing our performance in this area."

Express production at standard price

With success, fast orders for 2-, 4- and 6-layer PCBs can now be ordered at the standard price in the online shop www.wedirekt.com. Small series can also be ordered online just in time.

Customers for whom delivery speed is not the top priority also benefit from the innovations. For orders with a delivery time of six working days or more, shipping costs will not be charged within the "Lazy Days" promotion, which is running until the end of August 2020. In this way, Würth Elektronik Circuit Board Technology underlines its worldwide unique market position – and can once again be measured by its own claim “more speed than you expec."



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