Attendance Soaring for 2020 Design Automation Conference

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Total conference attendance at the 2020 Design Automation Conference (DAC), the industry’s premier event dedicated to the design and design automation of electronic circuits and systems, leapt by 52% compared to DAC 2019according to the 57th DAC Executive Committee (EC).

The intense engagement at the 57th DAC, held for the first time virtually due to the recent pandemic, reflected a voracious appetite among engineers for information and insights to propel design innovation. Submissions to DAC’s research track increased by 20% in the past two years, and the Designer, IP and Embedded Tracks submissions increased by 15% compared to 2019, continuing a steady three-year rise.

The global reach of DAC, July 19 - 24, soared at the 2020 virtual event with attendance from the following regions: 24% Asia Pac, 11% Europe, 52% United States and 13% a combination of Canada, South America and Middle East.

Despite the economic and social disruption caused by the pandemic, design innovation never sleeps,” said Zhuo Li, General Chair of the 57th DAC. “We had record attendance viewing each of the four Keynotes, plus attendees globally were able to view the recorded technical sessions at their leisure in their respected time-zones. The rise in submissions across all tracks proves the electronic design ecosystem is thriving and expanding in this particularly challenging time for all of us world-wide.”

Engagement with technical content exceeded expectations at the virtual event in all tracks and independent sessions. The content expanded across all aspects of the electronic design ecosystem from electronic design automation (EDA), embedded systems, security and privacy, IP, AI/machine learning, and autonomous systems.

Total number of sessions and programs at the DAC 2020 virtual event:

  • 416 Recorded technical session videos
  • (Research, Designer, IP, Embedded Systems & Software Tracks plus RISC-V and Design on Cloud presentations)
  • 449 PDF Papers/Posters
  • 9 Live research panels
  • 17 Live tutorial sessions
  • 40 Live Ph.D Forum presentations
  • 41 Live DAC Young Fellow sessions
  • 2 Live “Meet the Award Winner” sessions
  • 1 Live Accellera lunch and learn technical panel
  • 10 Live virtual happy hours

Preliminary attendance figures for the 57th DAC are follows:

  • Conference attendees – 2,383
  • I Love DAC - 3,338
  • Exhibitors’ booth staff – 408

Total attendees as of Monday, July 27: 6,129

Registration is currently open with on-demand access for all registered attendees to the pre-recorded 57th DAC program through August 1, 2020. Keynotes, SKYtalks, Tech Talks and exhibitor content will be accessible through September 1, 2020 for all pre-registered attendees. For more information on the Design Automation Conference please visit


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