Murray Percival Takes a Bite Out of Board Costs: Partners with Board Shark

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The Murray Percival Company, a leading supplier to the Midwest's electronics industry, announces a new partnership with Board Shark, a leading PCB solution provider.

“Our whole team is really excited about representing Board Shark,” commented Murray Percival Jr., co-owner of Murray Percival Company. “Our customers are always looking at ways to reduce their bare board costs, get quotes and deliveries quickly, and work with a quality leading supplier. Board Shark fits the ticket perfectly!”

Board Shark works to lower PCB costs and improve your quality and delivery over others, but its biggest advantage is the company’s commitment to make it easier to get what you need. Board Shark has one of the broadest offerings in the business. Have a high-mix low volume program with hundreds of part numbers? Need assistance with a difficult rigid-flex design and still need a competitive cost? Looking for the highest quality and most cost-competitive aluminum boards in the world? Maybe you need a handful of prototypes built right the first time - and delivered on-time. With multiple factories, each with a specific niche, Board Shark can handle nearly anything you can throw at them - and handle it RIGHT. Whatever your need, Board Shark has you covered. 

The Board Shark factories offer expertise in different niches of PCB and flex circuit manufacturing, giving them the unique ability to not only build your boards economically, but to also maintain the highest quality standards. Board Shark's low overhead and consolidated board spend allows them to pass these savings on to you.

“At Board Shark, we have created a company based on our customers’ needs,” commented Carl Moehring, president and founder of Board Shark. “Many companies say they are a one-stop shop, but we truly are. We are one of the few companies that offers our customers a high level of technical expertise with every order. Our focus is not to be the lowest price, but to truly be the lowest cost. Lowest cost in terms of on-time delivery, fast quote turnaround, exceptional quality, and competitive pricing.  We strive to become true partners with our customers. We win business by helping our customers win business!”



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