Nova Drilling and Fabrication Expands Capabilities with Excellon Laser Systems

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Nova Drilling and Fabrication Services based in Milpitas, California, expands laser capabilities with the addition of two COBRA-II Hybrid UV and CO2 laser systems from Excellon.

Nova Drilling and Fabrication Services, established in 1977, is known today as one of the largest mechanical drilling and routing service providers in North America.  With the continued demand for laser microvias and precision laser milling, Nova decided the time was right to move forward with the investment in the two COBRA-II Hybrid UV and CO2 laser systems.

Mike Doherty, vice president of Nova explained, “In the last few years after moving to a new building in Milpitas, CA, it became evident the demand for laser work continued to increase and having the latest technology lasers was a top priority for the company.  The addition of two new COBRA-II lasers will allow for fast turnaround and high quality product to our customer base.  It is extremely exciting to have this flexibility at the shop and I look forward to showing off our new capabilities.”

Mike Sparidaens, vice president of Excellon mentions, “Enhancements in the Cobra-II have yielded great results for our customers. Product quality, speed and ease of use have all been noted, and with such feedback, we know that we’re heading in the right direction in improving our position in the market. Nova has benefited from the improved technology of the Cobra-II, and we wish their company continued success.  Furthermore, we are pleased that they have chosen a partnership with Excellon.”

Excellon is recognized worldwide as a leader in installed PCB Drilling systems with products ranging from single and multiple station mechanical drilling machines to hybrid laser precision via formation and routing systems.



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