Seacole Specialty Chemical Installs Rooftop Solar Array

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Seacole Specialty Chemical has activated its new, 200 megawatt-hour (MwH) rooftop solar array at its corporate offices in Plymouth, MN.

The solar array is part of Seacole’s vision to become a greener and more self-sustaining company. The high-tech solar panels are expected to produce approximately thirty percent of the company’s total energy consumption in the first year. The system utilizes available rooftop space to the fullest potential without disruption to operations and without visibility from the ground. Further, it is situated on a white, TPO roof, which reflects heat and keeps the panels cooler in the summer, increasing energy production. SolarEdge inverters allow Seacole to monitor the arrays down to the individual panel in real time.

“At Seacole, we have a tradition of offering chemical products that are environmentally green and sustainable, and this was an opportunity to take the next step,” said Gregg Elliott, President and CEO of Seacole. “It is one of our initiatives that makes sense from an environmental and financial standpoint. It’s truly a win-win scenario.”

For the design, development, and installation of the solar array, Seacole selected iDEAL Energies, Minnesota’s premier commercial solar developer.



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