Atotech to Participate in SEMICON Taiwan 2020

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Atotech, a global leader in the field of specialty chemicals and equipment for printed circuit board, package substrate and semiconductor manufacturing, is pleased to announce its participation in this year’s SEMICON Taiwan, held at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center from September 23 – 25. SEMICON Taiwan is a conference and exhibition fully dedicated to semiconductor technologies.

Atotech’s experts will be presenting highlights from our competitive product range at booth K2276 on the 1st floor and discuss the latest technology, trends, and future requirements. Special features at the booth will include:

  • PromoBond® – an adhesion promoter, that is designed to form a strong composite between Cu RDL and dielectric to enable excellent mechanical properties, especially for shrinking dimensions
  • Spherolyte® Cu UF3 – a high purity ECD copper process that enables stable and optimal mechanical properties within a wide process window
  • MultiPlate® – a new system platform for FOWLP / FOPLP
  • Spherolyte® SnAg – Atotech’s high speed SnAg for lead-free, pure, and uniform solder bump plating
  • Xenolyte® Ni RE – an electroless nickel housing to protect fine line RDL structures
  • NEAP X.1 / X.2 – next-generation non-etching adhesion promoter for leadframes

We are also pleased to announce that on Tuesday, September 22, from 3:20 to 3:45 p. m., Atotech’s R&D Manager Semiconductor Advanced Packaging, Dr. Ralf Schmidt, will talk about “Custom-designed plating processes for next-generation copper pillar applications” at the SiP Global Summit 2020 – Heterogeneous Integration NOW & FUTURE – Day 1.

Visitors to the show are invited to attend Ralf's presentation and to stop by our booth K2276 to learn more about custom-designed plating processes and other innovative solutions Atotech offers to the semiconductor industry.



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