ICAPE Group Partners with Ucamco

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ICAPE Group has begun a collaboration with Ucamco through the use of the INTEGR8TOR software to improve the quality and speed of our PCB quotes.

ICAPE Group continually seeks to improve the quality of its service. In this context, a new step was taken, as a new partnership has been established with UCAMCO, for the use of their INTEGR8TOR software. The purpose of this software is to provide an easy Gerber reading for PCB manufacturing delivering design-rule, DFM, capability checks, and finally a QED report.

The benefits of Ucamco INTEGR8TOR include automatic analysis, more accurate and faster quotations, web-based intelligent work-flow systems and better traceability.

INTEGR8TOR will be used by 80 people from the customer service, E-shop teams and sales supports, massively over 3 continents. According to Ucamco, quotes are both accurate and fast. Users report that quote time has been reduced by 50%. An obvious time saving which will allow ICAPE Group and its customers to focus on other essential points of the order process and to significantly improve the quality of our exchanges for a better competitiveness.



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