Technical Services, Inc. Partners with Board Shark for PCBs

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Board Shark PCB, a leading PCB solution provider, is pleased to announce that it supplies Technical Services, Inc. (TSI) with its PCBs. TSI is a contract electronics manufacturer located in Oak Harbor, Washington. 

Abdul Sharif, President of Technical Services, Inc., commented, “As one of Board Shark's first customers in the Pacific Northwest, with great quality, service, and pricing, they have become our trusted partners for PCB solutions.”

Established in 1973, TSI provides full turnkey solutions as well as consignment kit assembly. The company employs 200 staff members at its state-of-the-art 100,400 ft2. TSI is an employee owned company through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP).

TSI runs five surface mount lines. The company’s surface mount department boasts accuracy, speed and dependability. TSI can deliver more than 1,000,000+ component placements per hour, allowing a monthly capacity of more than 250 million parts. TSI’s equipment enables the company to place nearly every SMT component from 01005 chips to QFNs, BGAs and flip chips – all with speed and extreme precision.



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