Lone Star Circuits Completes Sale to Majority Stockholders

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It is with appreciation to announce that the founder of Global Innovations, Best Circuit Boards Dba Lone Star Circuits, Inc. has sold the remaining interest in the organization to the Majority Stockholders. The aforementioned, is the result of a well-planned transition of the controlling interest in the company, that will provide the cornerstone for the facilitation and execution to the overwhelming/continued demand for Lone Star’s products and services.

“To be debt free, coupled with a concentric/astute leadership team allows LSC to realize the significant opportunities that the company has earned, as well as establishing a solid foundation for future acquisitions, with respect to capital and or other PCB organizations is truly exciting/reassuring,” said Lance Riley President/COO of Lone Star Circuits, Inc.

Mr. Riley continued, “Given LSC’s role/responsibility as a trusted source of supply for high reliability PCBs, the company’s financial position is commensurate to the ongoing/evolving requirements of our customers and the markets that we serve. With that said, LSC’s compliance to the NIST 800-171 and CMMC Level 3 is a testament to the organizations commitment in securing the future business landscape.”



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