PCB Fabrication Among New NGen Projects

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Next Generation Manufacturing Canada (NGen), the industry-led organization leading Canada’s Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster, has funded four new projects supporting the critical growth of advanced manufacturing in Canada with approximately $3.5 million in collaborative funding.

“NGen, with the support of the Canadian Government, has provided vital support to Canadian businesses at a time when they need it most, by supporting industry-led innovation, helping to scale up smaller companies into global competitors, and creating new commercial opportunities to boost both exports and job growth,” said the Honourable Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry.

“We’re happy to announce the latest round of NGen funding for projects that connect manufacturers and technology companies and accelerate the development, adoption, and scale-up of transformative capabilities in Canadian advanced manufacturing technology. NGen projects are developing unique, collaborative solutions to industrial challenges and are positioning Canada as a world leader in advanced manufacturing,” said Jayson Myers, CEO, NGen.

The following projects were approved for NGen co-investment, and were selected by a panel of independent experts:

  • Toronto, ON based Addem Labs has partnered with COR Engineering Ltd. to conduct a pilot project that will establish the world's cleanest and fastest professional printed circuit board manufacturing facility in Ontario. Ultimately, the service will attract the electronics supply chain to Canada and provide the world with an ultra-clean option to manufacture their electronics just-in-time. “Addem Labs is looking to narrow the gap between current research-based technology and the systems needed to develop to setup up large-scale production,” said Gowtham Ramachandran, Addem Labs. “NGen support will enable scale up of the materials technology from research to a production-ready system, complete real-world testing of machine designs, and strengthen our portfolio and increase the chances of success when we move to set up a large-scale manufacturing process.”
  • Axiom Group in Aurora, ON, along with partners MS Falcon, Kytech Machines and Bulldog Polymers, is developing a technology to eliminate visual transitions between different plastic materials, typically hard and soft plastics, for use in automobile interior and exteriors, with applications in broader advanced manufacturing industries. This solution will transform industry best practices, strengthening Canada’s automotive industry and the broader high-performance plastics manufacturing industry. The technology will have applications in aerospace, medical devices, construction, heavy equipment, and sport equipment manufacturing.
  •  “The consortium project will strengthen Canada’s leadership in advanced manufacturing, conferring global recognition as best-in-class suppliers for complex and advanced automotive plastics in the global market,” said Naithan Loch, Axiom. “NGen support has given us a significant competitive advantage, allowing us to capture incremental market share for vehicle components.”
  • Montreal, QC based DeepSight has partnered with Avior Integrated Products Inc., to add a new component to the current DeepSight augmented reality (AR) platform that will create holographic guides to help workers assemble aerospace components and composite parts, improving productivity and reducing defaults. “This project will have a transformative impact on Canadian manufacturing companies. On a broader level, this tool will offer effective and immersive virtual assistance in training, assembling, quality check, troubleshooting and much more. It empowers the employees and encourages the creation of additional jobs throughout the industry,” said Nicolas Bearzatto, DeepSight.
  • BlueWater Wood Alliance (BWA), a not-for-profit wood manufacturing cluster, is undertaking a digital transformation program that will enable SMEs to grow and run their businesses by enabling access to BWA’s programs and activities. Anticipated economic benefits include increased sales and productivity, and process improvements for member companies both inside and outside the cluster. The program will also enable BWA to engage with remote SMEs and to collaborate with other organizations involved in the Canadian wood industry, further strengthening the wood manufacturing ecosystem. “This project will be vitally important to our members as they emerge from the pandemic,” said Mike Baker, Executive Director, Blue Water Wood Alliance. “It also provides BWA with the opportunity to capitalize on NGen’s extensive network of industries to pursue opportunities for collaboration and innovation, building and strengthening the value added wood manufacturing sector in Canada.”

These projects are part of the increasing portfolio of NGen-funded advanced manufacturing initiatives under the Canadian Government’s Innovation Supercluster Initiative. NGen aims to generate at least $13.5 billion in GDP growth and create 13,500 new jobs while addressing some of the world’s most pressing problems in health care, resource management, and the environment while improving the economy and lives of Canadians.



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