Schweitzer to Build Manufacturing Facility in Moscow, Idaho

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Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories is planning to build a 140,000-square-foot facility on the land it recently purchased southwest of Moscow, Idaho, on Highway 95. 

The building will be home to a state-of-the-art plant for fabricating printed circuit boards—vital parts of the products SEL manufactures to protect, monitor, control and automate electric power systems.  

SEL plans to break ground in spring 2021 and to complete construction by mid-2022.

“As a former hardware engineer, I am really excited about adding this capability to our already amazing manufacturing capabilities,” said Dave Whitehead, chief executive officer. “Circuit boards are one of the most engineered components we design. Bringing them in-house allows us more freedom to experiment and innovate. Instead of ordering them from across the country, we’ll be making them just seven miles down the road!” 

SEL engineers and specialists design all the printed circuit boards used in SEL products, but they are fabricated by several U.S. suppliers. Local in-house manufacturing provides SEL and its customers with superior product quality and supply chain security.

“Printed circuit boards are custom and critical components,” said Edmund O. Schweitzer III, president, founder and chief technology officer. “Building our own shortens our supply chain, reduces risk and advances quality. This is great news for our company and our customers. It’s a dream come true!”

SEL is working with GreenSource Fabrication in New Hampshire to design the facility and manufacturing processes. The SEL partner is a leader in innovative printed circuit board manufacturing.

“This will be the most modern, environmentally friendly and safe PCB manufacturing facility in the United States—maybe the world,” said Schweitzer. “This is great for our employee owners, our customers, our community and the environment. It also represents opportunity for us all.”

SEL anticipates starting up with current employees in our community, and then expanding in Moscow, as the operation gets up and running.

“Stay tuned! This is a dream come true for Dave, me and so many of us,” added Schweitzer. “We’re turning an essential commodity into a locally engineered, designed and manufactured specialty—right here at home!”



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