Use of IMS Thermal Materials in Multilayer Stackups for Power Applications

The dissipation of heat from electronic power modules is increasingly critical to maintain their functionality and increase their reliability. Insulated metal substrates (IMS) offer a proven route to thermal management, and this specialist technology is increasingly employed in multilayer stack-ups for power applications.

This Realtime with... I-Connect007 roundtable discussion brings together the expertise of Ventec International Group’s Global Head of IMS Technology Chris Hanson and Technical Manager Denis McCarthy. Rax Ribadia of Excello Circuits provides hands-on fabrication experience from a specialist PCB manufacturer, and I-Connect007 editors Andy Shaughnessy and Pete Starkey contribute to a conversation that explores applications, materials, design considerations, and mechanisms of heat transfer. The benefits of technical and engineering support from a one-stop laminate supplier become clearly apparent.

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10/13/2020 | Pete Starkey, I-Connect007
Pete Starkey had the opportunity to attend a technical webinar on thermal management hosted by American Standard Circuits and featuring Ventec International Group’s range of insulated metal substrate materials. The webinar was moderated by Anaya Vardya, president and CEO of American Standard Circuits, and the speakers were Ventec’s Global Head of IMS Technology Chris Hanson and Technical Manager Denis McCarthy. The group identified factors that influence thermo-mechanical robustness and provided a logical solution.

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