CODI to Host 2020 Virtual Investor Day

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Compass Diversified, an owner of leading middle market businesses, will host its 2020 Virtual Investor Day, where it will discuss how CODI’s differentiated permanent capital model has positioned the Company for growth in 2020 and the Company’s anticipated outlook for 2021. The event will also include a presentation from Shawn Neville, CEO of BOA Technology (BOA), CODI’s newest subsidiary company, acquired in October 2020.

“We are excited to update the investor community on CODI’s significant progress in 2020 and our optimism for the year ahead,” said Elias Sabo, Chief Executive Officer of CODI. “CODI’s permanent capital model has enabled our team to transform our portfolio over the past three years and provided us with what we believe is a clear structural advantage in the current dislocated market. We are confident that our capital allocation strategy, active management style and diverse group of subsidiaries have positioned us to proactively execute on our growth strategy and we expect that these factors will drive meaningful shareholder value in 2021 and beyond.”

Compelling Value Proposition

In the presentation, CODI will outline the central tenants that continue to drive the Company’s performance: 

  • Permanent capital model allows the Company to be patient in acquiring and actively managing leading middle market businesses.
  • Active management style focuses on core areas that translate into the highest value creation for shareholders.
  • Management team is fully aligned with shareholders and invests alongside them. 
  • Diverse set of niche, market-leading companies reduces the volatility in CODI’s financial results, and the recent acquisitions of BOA and Marucci only serve to further enhance that diversification and the breadth of end markets served, as well as strengthen CODI’s overall growth prospects.

Presentation from Newest Subsidiary – BOA Technology
Over the past nearly two decades, the BOA Fit System has become the global leader in performance fit solutions integrated into market-leading, well-known premium brand partner products. At today’s event, BOA CEO, Shawn Neville, will provide an overview of BOA’s: 

  • History and expansion into new categories;
  • Competitive advantages including diverse intellectual property portfolio;
  • Large and growing addressable consumer market; and
  • Focus on being a good corporate citizen and doing good for its communities and the environment.

Continued Strong Financial Performance
In the presentation, CODI will also discuss the Company’s strong financial position, including:

  • How CODI’s strong balance sheet positioned the Company to execute on the compelling acquisitions of Marucci Sports and BOA in 2020;
  • CODI’s leverage ratio history and optimum leverage level for the business;
  • Efforts to drive CODI’s cost of capital lower;
  • 2020 financial performance substantially exceeding expectations; and
  • Providing an update on guidance, including that CODI expects to be at the higher end of the previously disclosed guidance for 2020.


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