Lenthor Engineering Adds 3 MicroCraft EMMA Flying Probe Testers

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Lenthor Engineering, Inc., a California based designer, manufacturer and assembler of Flex and Rigid-Flex printed circuit boards, has announced the installation of three new EMMA E4M6151 Flying Probe test units from Microcraft.  This addition provides Lenthor with five fully automated bare board testers eliminating bottlenecks and streamlining overall cycle times. The investment is helping to reduce lead times for the critical product needs of our growing and diverse customer and product mix.

Rich Clemente, Lenthor’s COO provided, “The management team worked hard over the year to keep the company fully operational, the employees safe and focused on servicing our customers. We also stayed focused on continuing our trend of making capital investments like this one to increase automation, technological capabilities, capacity and beefing up infrastructure to support our growth.”


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