PV Nano Cell Introduces 7 New Digital Conductive Inks

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PV Nano Cell Ltd., an innovative provider of inkjet-based conductive digital printing solutions and producer of conductive digital inks, has announced that it is introducing additional digital conductive inks meant for Solar, Ceramic, Glass, LIFT and Generic Applications. The newly introduced inks are meant for the following digital conductive printing technologies: inkjet, aerosol and Laser Induced Forward Transfer. 

PV Nano Cell is introducing and making public a total of 7 new digital conductive inks. 2 silver conductive inks for general purpose applications, 2 silver conductive inks with glass frits for solar, ceramic and glass application, 2 copper conductive inks and 1 new copper-based high-viscous ink for LIFT printing. The new inks cover a range of metal loads from 20% to 60% silver or copper, various solvents and optimization to conductive printing technologies including inkjet, aerosol and LIFT.

PV Nano Cell’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Fernando de la Vega, commented, “These newly introduced inks are the result of market and customers' requirements that we see growing over the past year. First, in the glass-related industry we see many new applications and use cases emerging for automotive, such as the case with project Tinker we released a PR about most recently. Second, solar-related customers of ours are realizing the phenomenal advantage of using our complete solution in dramatically increasing their overall power efficiency. Last and not least we experience strong demand for additional inks to support a wide array of IoT applications, including sensors, antennas, PCB and medical-related. The ability to introduce new conductive inks heavily relies on our strong IP and patents relating to our Sicrys™ conductive silver and coper inks. This IP allows us to quickly and efficiently respond to market needs and develop and optimize new ink products for our customers.” 

PV Nano Cell’s Chief of Business Development Officer, Mr. Hanan Markovich commented, “Our complete solution approach of conductive inks, printers and printing process, naturally leverages our conductive ink technology advantages. Alongside our off the shelf products we are requested to either optimize or develop new inks per specific customer requirements. Our core chemistry competency enables us to fully control properties such as the type of metal, metal load, type of solvent, viscosity, printing technology designation and even the size of the nano-particles. By balancing these properties, we are able to carefully craft superior performing inks to be used in mass-production applications with high-throughput printing. Some of the new ink technologies developed we modify for more general purposes that can be used by many of our customers. These new inks will support the further growth of our business in mass-production applications.” 

As most recently published, PV Nano Cell announced that the European Union ́s H2020 funded TINKER project in which the Company is a partner, has started. TINKER is set to develop a new reliable, cost-and resource efficient pathway for automotive RADAR and LiDAR sensor package fabrication based on additive manufacturing.



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