PCB Connect, Accent PCB Join Forces in The Netherlands

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PCB Connect BV in The Netherlands, part of PCB Connect Group, takes another big step forward in the Dutch market by signing a Business Integration partnership with Accent PCB Nederland BV.

For over 25 years Accent PCB has been providing PCB solutions to their loyal customers in the telecommunication, computer and peripherals, consumer electronics, medical, industrial and high-tech sectors. Customers can rely on personal approach, flexible solutions and quick response times every day and this will not change. The partnership, signed on November 30, will be in effect from January 1st, 2021. The synergy effect will allow Accent PCB Customers to benefit from the global PCB Connect network and brings to PCB Connect an even stronger technical knowledge with the addition of two experienced employees from Accent PCB, Stefano Bongaerts as Customer Support Representative and Dirk van den Hout as a Product Engineer. 

“During extensive and very pleasant conversations with John Kuitert and Hans van de Ven, we found that we have a lot in common on both a business and personal level. Our customers will benefit from the strengths PCB Connect has to offer. Together with Stefano Bongaerts, I will make sure our customers experience a smooth transition to PCB Connect. So familiar faces – only the company name is different!,” says Dirk van den Hout.

Stefano Bongaerts agrees that he “will mainly focus on the transition of our customers at Accent PCB to PCB Connect as easy as possible, with the same service and quality level they are used to from Accent PCB, but with the new possibilities of being a part of the PCB Connect BV team, he hopes to create more turnover at these customers.”

The Managing Director of Accent PCB Nederland BV, Fer Verhoeff, will enjoy a well-earned retirement. 

John Kuitert, Managing Director at PCB Connect BV, says to “admire Fer Verhoeff for having grown Accent PCB into the company it has become, facing some challenging years in the PCB industry. I thank him for the trust and allowing us to continue serving his customers with the support of Dirk and Stefano. With the expert technical knowledge and years of experience that Dirk and Stefano will add to the PCB Connect team, we see a perfect basis to expand our service to all our customers.”


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