Atotech Launches New DynaSmart Plating Line for Corrosion Resistant Coatings

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Atotech, a leading global supplier of specialty surface-finishing solutions, announced the global launch of its innovative and patented DynaSmart® plating line for corrosion resistant coatings. This addition to the company’s product line was engineered in Germany to address the increasing demand for advanced surface-finishing equipment in our industrial end markets.

Gertjan van der Wal, President of Atotech’s General Metal Finishing (GMF) business unit, said: “We are proud of DynaSmart®’s unique capabilities and state-of-the-art technical features. The line maximizes efficiency in the production process, offers a high degree of flexibility, and meets the highest safety and sustainability standards – offering true value to our customers.”

DynaSmart® comes with a revolutionary automation design, which enables several product carriers to be moved simultaneously through different plating tanks. With DynaSmart®, customers can thus process different parts simultaneously according to their specific immersion times and agitation modes which enables highly flexible and customized production.

DynaSmart® is compact in size and available as a modular system. This way it fits into already designed factories and its simple installation allows for easy expansion as product demand increases. To make the installation process more efficient, DynaSmart® modules are pre-installed at Atotech’s factory and shipped in standardized freight containers for plug & play installation to Atotech’s customers worldwide.

In addition to its efficient design, this equipment features a large number of integrated recycling processes, which results in lower consumption of resources and chemicals and also produces less wastewater.

Further technical features include:

  • Even distribution of the coating thickness through uniform current density thanks to smaller coating barrels in the compact equipment.
  • Maximum production availability thanks to automated maintenance processes in combination with Atotech’s industry-leading equipment service.
  • High throughput capability of 13,500 tons per year, despite the line being only a fraction of the size of a conventional plating line.

The DynaSmart® plating line is manufactured at Atotech’s recently expanded production facility in Guangzhou, China, and shipped worldwide. Gertjan van der Wal continued, “We expanded our existing facility in Guangzhou and are delighted that we can now manufacture GMF equipment here as well. This investment in a state-of-the-art production facility, and our ability to design and manufacture world-class electroplating equipment that meets a wide range of market needs, will help us to best serve our customers, especially in Asia.”

The Guangzhou site complements Atotech’s long-standing production site in Feucht, Germany. In addition to the DynaSmart® line, Atotech produces its world-class DynaPlus® plating systems in Guangzhou, as well as a wide range of sustainability-enhancing auxiliary equipment for the Asian market. Alex Liu, General Manager Operations at Atotech China said: “We are delighted to now manufacture some of Atotech’s renowned products here in China. The DynaSmart® system uses the latest technologies for production automation and applies the highest safety and sustainability standards. It serves as a role model for the development of next-generation plating lines that enable more sustainable production in China, and also around the world.”


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