Isola Commercializes IS550H: Halogen-Free, CAF Resistant, High Thermal Reliability Material

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Isola Group, a leading global manufacturer of copper-clad laminates and dielectric prepregs for use in the manufacture of PCB, is launching our newest halogen-free material called IS550H. IS550H is an environmentally friendly, extreme thermal reliability, CAF resistant copper clad laminate and prepreg material for applications requiring high voltage, high power, and long-term thermal stability.

With the rise of automotive electrification, electronics system designers face significant challenges to achieve long-term, high reliability. The need for high voltage operation and fast charging coupled with reduced pitch and conductor spacing (miniaturization) requires the use of a material to enable designs for these extreme conditions. PCB’s will require a base material that has the capability to withstand electrochemical migration while operating in harsh environments at high voltage loads. By using unique resin technology, Isola has developed IS550H to be capable of operating at a continuous operating temperature up to 175°C and has the ability to meet very demanding thermal cycling requirements (-40°C to 175°C for 2000 cycles). IS550H has demonstrated to have CAF performance at 1500V for 1000 hours for tight pitch, PTH to PTH and z-axis structures. IS550H is also a significant improvement over FR-4 type materials with a thermal conductivity of 0.70 W/mK that enables embedded heat sink applications. While it is not FR-4 material, IS550H’s processibility is easy like common FR-4 materials.

IS550H is available with core thickness ranging from 0.0020 inch (0.05 mm) to 0.063 inch (1.5 mm) and a wide range of prepreg resin contents for most applications including heavy copper designs.



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