Unimicron First Taiwanese PCB Maker to Achieve Platinum Certification from AWS

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In 2020, Unimicron implemented the world’s only sustainable water management standards (Alliance for Water Stewardship Standard, AWS) and became the first Taiwanese printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturer achieving platinum certification therefrom according to the evaluation of SGS Taiwan Ltd. 

To effectively manage the use of water resources, mitigate impacts to environmental ecology and continuously enhance the water resource use efficiency, Unimicron has implemented Alliance for Water Stewardship standards (AWS Standard) in 2020 with the support of Apple Inc. and Alliance for Water Stewardship. It further collaborated with the Center of Industry Sustainable Development of National Cheng Kung University and, in September of the same year, achieved platinum certification from AWS according to the evaluation of SGS. 

Three environmental core values and a connection to AWS standards for sustainable management of water resources 

Oriented to the core values of green ecology (planet), green competitiveness (performance) and green humanity (people) whilst complying with international AWS standards, Unimicron not only continuously and systematically implements water resource sustainable management, but also demonstrates the five promotion results as follows: 

1. A good water management system: 

• A perfect personnel training mechanism
• Effective processing procedures

2. A sustainable water balance:

• Open and quantifiable goals for water use efficiency and the current situation
• Continuously improve and increase water use efficiency

3. Excellent water quality:

• Proactively and effectively check and monitor the water quality
• Superior and stable discharge water quality 

4. The health of important water origins :

• Promote environmental education in important water origins and educate our future generations

5. Safe water, environment and personal sanitation:

• Provide on-site personnel with safe and clean environment and drinking water

March towards water sustainability 

In response to the severe challenges of climate change and resource scarcity, Unimicron upholding the philosophy of effective and lean management, friendly environmental ecology and energy resource reduction to cherishes every drop of water throughout the whole process from the collection, utilization and discharge thereof. It is our aspiration to head towards the sustainability goal of “zero water waste”.



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