Frontline's New PCB Process Planning Solution Accelerates Time to Market, Increases Productivity

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Frontline, a division of Orbotech, has launched InFlow™, a robust, automated, all-in-one engineering software solution for PCB (printed circuit board) manufacturers. Offering full coverage of the entire engineering process, InFlow reduces planning time by up to 60%, enabling dramatically faster time to market for even the highest design complexity and volume level production. Orbotech is a KLA company.

Through its complete automation, the InFlow system produces standardized, high-quality, error-free manufacturing instructions, enabling operators of any experience level to accelerate productivity and time to market. With its built-in CAM (computer aided manufacturing) graphic editor, InFlow reduces reliance on CAM resources and allows job editing within the engineering system. It also shortens pre-manufacturing technical query cycles with standardized automatic checklists and traceability reports. 

“PCB manufacturers face growing requests for high-speed, high-complexity boards,” said Orit Karlin, Head of CAM and Engineering R&D, Frontline division. “We developed InFlow to support these demands and dramatically speed up time to market and pre-production processes. As a fully automated solution, InFlow ensures that even inexperienced engineers can deliver standardized, high quality output for the most challenging projects and technologies."

InFlow is based on Frontline's 25 years of experience and expertise in PCB production and process planning, its in-depth understanding of the industry, and its technology leadership in the CAM and engineering software market. InFlow, Frontline’s automated PCB engineering system, is part of Frontline’s world-leading line of integrated software solutions that automates the entire pre-production process for PCB manufacturing, from preparing a quote to process planning and CAM, all the way to the production floor. 

About Orbotech Ltd.

Orbotech Ltd., a KLA company, is a leading global supplier of yield-enhancing and process-enabling solutions for the manufacture of electronics products. Orbotech provides cutting-edge solutions for use in the manufacture of printed circuit boards (PCBs) and flat panel displays (FPDs), as well as software for PCB computer aided manufacturing (CAM), engineering and Industry 4.0.

Orbotech's solutions are designed to enable the mass production of innovative, next-generation electronics and improve the cost effectiveness of existing and future electronics production processes. For more information, visit or



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