Nano Dimension Announces Zivi Nedivi Appointed as New President

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Nano Dimension Ltd., an industry leading Additively Manufactured Electronics (AME)/PE (Printed Electronics) provider, announced today that Zivi Nedivi has been appointed president of Nano Dimension. As previously announced, Yoav Stern, the CEO of Nano Dimension, will be appointed as the Chairman of the Board, subject to shareholders approval at an upcoming meeting.

Nedivi has been the CEO of several technology companies, including Cyalume Technologies Inc., a world leader in chemical-lighting solutions that manufactures chemiluminescent ammunition and infra-red devices used by U.S. and NATO military forces as well as law enforcement agencies. He was also the COO of Lumenis Ltd., a world-leading developer of innovative energy-based technologies, where he was directly responsible for 1,000 employees on 5 continents. From 1990-2005, he was the CEO of Kellstrom Industries, Inc.,  a supply chain and advanced data management company. While CEO of Kellstrom, he grew the company from $8M to $330M over a 5-year period including nine acquisitions. A graduate of the Israel Air Force Academy, he was a F-15 fighter Pilot for seven years and held the rank of major. He is an international businessman with a global network of contacts at innovative companies across the globe.

Nedivi commented, “Over the last few months I have looked at Nano Dimension’s technology closely as well as analyzed its competitive landscape. Nano has a unique opportunity to change the way entire industries create and produce high performance electrical parts (Hi-PEDs™). Nano’s customer base is already impressive, and we are still in the first inning of the proverbial nine-inning ball game. I am thrilled to join the Nano Dimension team.  I look forward to leveraging my expertise and global network to drive our sales and marketing efforts.”

Yoav Stern, CEO of Nano Dimension, stated: “I am very excited to appoint Nedivi as our new President. He has extensive global experience in leading and growing innovative technology companies with significant expertise in mergers and acquisitions. The work he did growing Kellstrom Industries as well as turning around Lumenis Ltd. Medical& Esthetic Laser business are just a few of the many reasons I have recommended to our board of directors to approve him to become president of Nano Dimension. We are extremely well-positioned for growth with a war chest of close to $1.5 billion in cash and a technology that is far advanced over our competitors. Nedivi is the right man for the job and joining our team at the perfect time.”



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